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Bet|体育-首页:British programmer Joshua Browder is helping people save a lot of money on legal fees with his latest project—the worlds first robot lawyer. The 19-year-old developed a free service that allows users to ask any kind of legal question and receive relevant answers autogenerated by bots.英国法式员约书亚布劳德只有19岁,他的新项目——世界上最高级个机械人律师,能老大人们省下不少法律用度。用户见告的任何法律问题,机械人法式都可以自动分解涉及谜底,而且此项服务是免费的。

Browder first started the project last summer as a free website to help people appeal unfair parking tickets. He came up with the idea after getting a series of tickets himself for trivial reasons. Having wasted several hours on writing appeals to these tickets, he realised that many people do not have the time, legal knowledge or even the energy to appeal. So he decided to create an automatic appeal generator, using previously successful letters as a template. He aptly named the service DoNotPay, given that the legal fees involved in challenging tickets could mount up to sizable amounts between $400 to $900.这个项目去年夏天刚开始启动,其时布劳德只是想要做到一个免费网站,协助人们对不公平的行驶罚单展开裁决。他取消出有这个点子是因为他自己就因“无关紧要的原因”被进了一连串的罚单。


鉴于对罚单展开裁决的法律用度可以横跨400至900美元之多,他合理地给这项服务命名为“没关系乞贷”。DoNotPay was a huge success, and the tech genius has now gone a step further with the website, converting it into a full fledged robo lawyer equipped to help with a range of legal issues. I realised that the best way to help people would be to create a computer program that could talk to users, generate appeals, and answer questions like a human, he told Mashable. The robot can currently handle parking ticket appeals, payment protection insurance (PPI) claims and delayed flights/trains. It can also answer some general legal questions like I cant afford my ticket. What do I do?“没关系乞贷”获得了极大的顺利,这个科技天才在网站的基础上又向前迈进了一步,把网站转化成一个接受充份训练的机械人律师,可以协助人们解决问题许多法律问题。


它还可以谜底一些基本的法律问题,好比我付不起罚单,该怎么办?”I am ultimately looking to give it as much functionality as possible in the spirit of trying to replace the large group of exploitative lawyers, he added. To use the service, users need to go to the website donotpay.co.uk and sign up for free. Once signed in, the robot will ask the user a series of questions about their situation. When it has collected enough information, and if the person has legal grounds for an appeal, the robot will then generate a letter for the person to use.他还说道:“秉着设法防止被大批律师奴役的神经病,我总是只管地给它多加到功效”。用于这项服务,用户必须到网站donotpay.co.uk免费挂号。



Browder told Mashable that he received good advice from his professors at Stanford University, where he is currently a freshman. Initially, I thought the best way to go about it was to create lots of individual rules for it to follow, he explained. However, I quickly failed with this approach because there are thousands of ways to say the same thing and it would be impossible to catch every one. The breakthrough came when I learned how to create a way for the robot to learn and compare phrases itself, so that it doesnt matter how the user phrases his or her requests.现在布劳德在斯坦福大学念书大一,他告诉他Mashable说道教授给了他很好的建议。他说明说道:“一开始,我指出做到这个法式最差的方法就是原作许多规则让它遵从。


这样一来用户发问的方式就不成问题了。”So he programmed the robot to use text comparison that includes keywords, word order and pronouns. And the more that people use the robot, the better the algorithm gets. But there are situations where the robot cant help, theres a response ready for that too. If the robot cant answer, it provides generic and helpful message offering the user some sample phrases or the option of contacting me directly, Browder said. On the backend, whenever the robot cant answer, I get notified and I work as quickly as possible to add functionality for any future requests of a similar nature.因此他给机械人加装了文本对比法式,还应有尽有对比关键词、词序和代词。





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